YES! This is the first one!

Well I suppose you have to start somewhere 🙂 so this is the first post of hopefully many. Welcome to All About Peppers .com and feel welcome to use this site and your go to place for any and all information about our beloved chili pepper.

As I have noticed during my year in growing this beautiful plant and harvesting its pods there has not been 1 source of information that gave me the insights that helped me gain the experience I have these days. Therefore I have started All About Peppers .com to help you grow the perfect chili pepper.

To be fair, there is a secret to it… there is no secret single formula to grow chili peppers. What works for your neighbor does not necessarily work for you. It all comes down to environment, way of working, plants, your behavior etc. What I will be discussing here is all the workable variations on how to grow and harvest peppers. I will show you the different ways that have worked for me and will help bust the myths and confirm the plausible with tests and trails.

Next to articles I will also do podcasts with information and hopefully also some interviews to give you an informative, insightful and entertaining time around peppers.



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